I met a woman
strong and fierce
my heart
my mind
my soul she pierced
brought me back
she revived
my will
to not only survive
but thrive
rekindled my
took my spirits higher
made me aspire
gave me the desire
to be my best
my limits
to test
to refine my mind like a diamond
under stress
who might she
to ignite this
in me
excite me
and enlighten me
invite me
to be
better than before
she showed me there is more
in this world
than perpetual war
but also there
is love to share
the bonding of pairs
that raises those in despair
from misery and loss
torn and tossed
amends that
no matter the costs
the things I desire to bestow
she may not
yet know
but she’s as eager to learn
as I am to show
what is this I’ve discovered
beyond a mere lover
a bond as organic
as a child to its mother
my first experience of
joy on the heels
of a love not quite real
an experience that almost
my heart’s will
to extend
itself to ever again
love and befriend
anyone else
my faith at its end
how grateful I am
although it took
so long
and I endured
so many turns
that were wrong
I want nothing
more in a partner
than what I now have
someone to test me
make me genuinely laugh
my true other half


By Kevin ”Rashid” Johnson


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