Comrade George: A Weapon Forged in a Cell (2023)


George Jackson
Soledad brother,
With a
Solid ass mother.

She raised a revolutionary man
That they HAD to kill,
Even still
He left a will.

And testament
To the people,
So decades later
We’re still seeing sequels.

Revolutionaries in prisons
Rising in his mold,
His story
Still being told.

A victim of racist
Amerikan capitalism,
Product of the streets
At 18 sent to prison.

Where he’d meet
Others standing firm,
And he’d struggle
To learn…

Solutions to a system
Inherently wrong,
Where the weak are oppressed
And exploited by the strong.

Cuz he wouldn’t fold,
To the vermins, the pigs rats and moles,
He spent over a decade in the hole.

Within him
A freedom fire burned,
He studied
And learned.

Economics, politics
Military strategy,
A force of the people
Honed by tragedy.

Became a revolutionary
His analysis of U.S. fascism
Was the clearest.

Targeted with pig violence
Repeated attempts on his life,
But mastered the art
Of the close quarter fight.

1000 pushups
Daily on fingertips,
Belted and chained
Day after day for trips.

To court on a
Trumped up charge,
Of killing a prison guard,
A political prisoner
His profile large.

On 8-7-1970 the ultimate
Price was paid,
His younger brother gunned down
In a courthouse raid.

Jonathan Jackson set out
Gun in hand,
To free this
Revolutionary Black man.

Around the world
George was highly regarded,
Appointed field marshal
Of the Black Panther Party.

This he did within
A man-made hell,
Comrade George a weapon
Forged in a cell.
What he became
Terrified the system,
Because of the power of his words
And influence they couldn’t dismiss him.

He exposed their lies
So they hated him,
But because the people loved him
They couldn’t isolate him.

He exposed their lies
So they hated him,
But because the people loved him
They couldn’t isolate him.

His analyses and books
Are today still relevant,
Prisoners still influenced by
The example he set.

Calling on all
Races to unite,
Against this decadent system
For the ultimate fight…

To win a world
Free of all oppression,
Where divisions are overcome
And the people are in possession.

Of all resources needed
To provide,
What we need to not just survive
But thrive,
He died…

As he lived in open revolt
The real dragon freed several from solitary cells,
Bare handed several pigs and rats killed.

To stop an Invasion
And slaughter,
Comrade George came out
Unarmed onto the.

Prison’s rec yard,
Where racist guards.

Murdered him
In cold blood,
With assault rifles
Shooting from above.

A people’s martyr,
Before he died he started a…

Defense unit
For the BPP,
Determined to see
The people free.

This he did within
A man-made hell,
Comrade George
A dragon forged in a cell.


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