child with flag


By Kevin “Rashid” Johnson

There was a time when,
We didn’t produce blind men.

Because the elders taught,
The youth the things they ought.

To know and grow from,
The scars we earned when young.

Not today because,
We’ve forgotten and we’ve lost.

The sense of duty we owe,
To the youth who are those.

That will inherit what we leave,
The ground we tilled they will seed.

So now the young raise each other,
Seek direction from another.

Child that is just as lost,
As themselves so the cost.

Is a people who’re dying,
In every sense denying.

A danger we truly face,
As a people we’re being displaced.

So what indeed it the solution,
We need true revolution.

And for those who came before,
From those who crossed the door.

Over to the other side,
Where the ancestors reside.

We can’t dismiss as insane,
Behaviors for which we’re to blame.

It’s certainly not their fault,
When they have not been taught.

Principles, self-respect, responsibility,
We have the time, the means, the ability.

Let us reclaim our role,
To rebuild what we’ve lost and remold.

Those to whom we have a duty,
Our youth, our people, our community.


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