We need a proper assessment
What is education?
Passing the torch of things learned
To the next generation.

Which makes our elders
Priceless jewels,
Indispensable to our liberation schools.

But the young
Can’t be confined,
To what was developed
In yesterday’s minds.

Things evolve
Change and grow,
Every day presents
New things to know.

But the future
Must be served by the past,
Those who must live it
own it
So our task.

Is to train the young
For critical thought,
The type of learning
That can’t be bought.

We also must counter
The system’s designs,
To brainwash the people
Disable our minds.

Like Malcolm X said
To put it mild,
Only a fool allows their enemy
To teach their child.

So what truly
Is the point of education?
To prepare the people
To fight for liberation.

And what’s the use of information
If we don’t understand,
How to apply it
And change things according to plans.

To advance the communities
Meet our needs,
Enable us to see
Both the forest and trees.

It’s a high tech world
Survival demands skill,
Healthy human development
Demands training that will.

Enable the people
To seize the reins,
Learn to work in cooperation
Unify our brains.

One divides into two
A dialectical fact,
Each one teach two
So none are held back.

Teach the dialectical materialist
Theory of knowledge,
The scientific method of learning
Which ain’t taught in college.

This cuz you aren’t programmed
To just memorize,
Instead what you think you know
Must be applied.

First you observe with your senses
Till you detect a routine,
Then from patterns
You begin to predict things.

Develop concepts
About how things work,
Then test these theories in practice
Work out the quirks.

Only when the results pan out
According to design,
Will you really grasp truth
With your mind.

As we divide this knowledge
Each one teach two,
Then the world will be a college
Linking what we know and what we do.


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