Kill Yourself

You a playa hater?
That’s no reason to hate me
Cuz I ain’t a player
Enough clowns already in the community.

But you despise me
Why I don’t have a clue.
Eyeing me with suspicion
What the fuck I do?

You just picking your battles
You was trained this way
Taught to fear the man with the whip
Going back to slavery days

But the brotha next to you
You see as your rival
You resent seeing him advance
Even to make ends meet for survival.

Allow the pig to degrade you
Just one can disarm your whole hood
But you’d go up against a hundred brothas
Won’t hesitate to shed their blood

You’re extra polite when it comes to them
Put on a song and dance
Looking at me you smirk and sneer
I pass and get a nasty glance

Sometimes the contradiction
Is more than I can take
Watching you swallow a camel
But choke on a fucking grape

Then you say it outright
You don’t love your own women
As soon as you see fair skin
Your heart and mind start swimming

This all is the expression
Of the Willie Lynch process
Generations of conditioned self hate
An inferiority complex

Yeah you a hater
No doubt about it it’s true
Now I get why you hate me
It’s because I look like you.


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