White Panthers and Revolutionary Intercommunalism, by Shine White

All Power to The People:

The People’s Vanguard, the Revolutionary Intercommunal Black Panther Party (RIBPP), understands the dire need of a revolution that is global and based upon achieving equality and social justice for everyone on the planet.

The RIBPP understands that such a revolution can only be carried out by a united revolutionary movement made up of Black, Brown and White Comrades who embrace revolutionary intercommunalism as our guiding principle line; not because the People’s Minister of Defense, Kevin Rashid, tells us that we must, or because Comrade Shupavu Wa Kirima tells us it’s important to do so, but because we understand that our idea is the ideological, political line that constitutes the most advanced revolutionary analysis in theory in this period.

By advancing our revolutionary analysis and theories, we advance a revolutionary practice. And this is why the RIBPP embraces the Revolutionary Intercommunal White Panther Organization (RIWPO) as an arm of the Party, understanding there cannot be a Black revolution in the United States anymore than there can be a Socialist revolution in Amerika, because we are up against a global monopoly, a capitalist empire bent on total world domination and exploitation.

The RIWPO, as I said, serves as an arm of the RIBPP. The members of RIWPO are subject to the leadership, revolutionary discipline and democratic centralism of the Party. As all-the-way White revolutionaries, we understand the importance of accepting that the oppressed Black masses must play the vanguard role in building a united revolutionary movement here in the United States, and the RIWPO is an integral part of this united revolutionary movement and its revolutionary praxis.

The RIWPO is more than a support organization to the RIBPP: As White Panthers we have a particular role to play in representing the Party among the White workers and youth and other strata, combating the false ideology of white supremacy, promoting working-class solidarity and winning the White masses to a revolutionary proletarian worldview and opposing white nationalism.

For the White Panther who is imprisoned, it is our duty to win the White prisoners who are easy targets of the Aryan and neo-Nazi type of prison organizations, and support the 10-Point Program of the RIBPP into rallying to the Party’s leadership.

As White Panthers, we must get boots on the ground within the poor White communities, transforming them into revolutionary base areas of cultural, social and political revolution. These revolutionary base areas must be built as models of social cooperation and self-reliance.

As the government continues to cut back and eliminate necessary social services for the poor and the working people, the children, the elderly and the disabled, there are poor Whites who are struggling financially, and for them and their communities we must establish serve-the-people programs. The Free Breakfast for Children Program of the original Black Panthers should be our model.

Revolutionary Intercommunalism. This is what it looks like when the people are left to their own revolutionary love in action and not forced into fear and hate-based ways of supporting and caring for one another, with a special, loving focus on our children.

We should not petition the oppressor government to do for us what we can do for ourselves through self-reliance. Whatever the government gives, it can take away, and what it creates will be used against us. Learning to create and administer our own programs and exercising people’s power on a neighborhood level will prepare us to do so on a national and international scale in the future.

Alongside revolutionary, cultural and serve-the-people programs, we must carry on continuous revolutionary political education, agitation and organization – this is the chief function of the RIBPP.
We must firmly grasp that the masses are the makers of history and the Party makes them conscious.
Our struggle demands the recruitment of intellectuals, but we must never underestimate the ability of the masses to grasp the science of revolution and become revolutionary intellectuals. In the final analysis, the success of our struggle rests on the elimination of the distinction between the revolutionary masses and the intellectuals as well as between manual and intellectual work.

In particular, we must educate the youth and the children in the science of revolution, and science generally, to prepare them to be the leaders of tomorrow and the architects and builders of a new and more just social order.

The RIWPO has its own 10-Point Program and it goes as follows:

1. To fully support the 10-Point Program of the Revolutionary Intercommunal Black Panther Party.
2. To fully support the United Front Against Imperialism and the struggles of oppressed people everywhere.
3. To teach the suppressed history of White people’s opposition to racial oppression and genocide in Amerika.
4. To uphold proletarian internationalism and the unity of multinational, multi-ethnic U.S. working class against national and capitalistic exploitation and oppression.
5. To re-educate White Brothers and Sisters who have been deluded by racist, white supremacist propaganda and ideology into opposing their own class interests.
6. To embrace the spirit of Panther love and serve the People in the capacity of revolutionary warriors.
7. To uphold the tradition of John Brown and others who have recognized that an injury to one is an injury to all, and that no one can be free while his brothers and sisters are in bondage.
8. To uphold revolutionary discipline, and neither steal from nor inform on, or in any other way oppress or exploit the People.
9. To be upright, honest and fair, and in all dealings to set a good example for the youth and be respectful of elders, and in every way strive to be the People’s pride.
10. To stand for peace and against imperialist war, to stand for justice and against injustice, and to stand for revolution and against counter-revolution.

The RIWPO is about revolution, and we should probably proclaim this: A Panther is a Panther 24/7, and we must always conduct ourselves so as to be a credit to the Party and our class. Our actions should reflect the RIWPO’s and the Party’s revolutionary line and program, and inspire others to join our ranks.
As Panthers, we must have a largeness of mind and be open minded. We should strive to be good at listening to others and learning from the masses. We should struggle against dogmatism and revisionism and practice the mass line.

We should balance our pride in the RIWPO with humility, practice criticism and self-criticism and embrace Panther love. We should show love to our comrades and to the People. Above all, we should put the interests of the revolution first.

White Panthers are servants of the People, and no job is beneath us or too menial. Leading comrades must do their share of grunt work without complaint and set an example of willingness to serve in any capacity.

We should not hold grudges or let disagreements lessen our unity and camaraderie. The cause to which we have dedicated our lives is greater than anyone’s ego or self-interest, and everything should be subordinated to achieving success.

Millions around the world have already made the ultimate sacrifice, many enduring cruel torture at the hands of the agents of imperialism.

Comrades, this is a protracted struggle, and we will make mistakes. The important thing is to recognize and make the most of them. Sometimes we will make repeated mistakes until we get it right, we should not let this discourage us – to fight and fail and regroup to fight again until victory is the way of it.
Revolution is the main trend in the world. There will be ebbs and flows in the struggle, but we must persevere and have faith in ourselves and in the masses. The comrades of the RIBPP and the RIWPO are not looking to build a protest movement – we are laying the foundation for revolution.

I’m here, I’m alive, I’m struggling.

Dare to Struggle, Dare to Win

RIWPO National Spokesperson, Joseph “Shine White” Stewart



For Prisoners who are interested in joining the ranks of the RIWPO, you should write to the RIWPO Prison Correspondence Committee at 1625 S. Alston Street, Durham, NC 27007, and to receive zines written by myself and RIBPP Minister of Defense Kevin Rashid. Introduction packets will be put together that will enlighten the reader on the political line and principles of both the RIBPP and the RIWPO.
Our immediate strategy is to transform these razor wire plantations of oppression into “schools of liberation.” To do this, the proper literature must be provided to our comrades who are imprisoned. These razor wire plantations have spawned our greatest revolutionaries such as Malcolm X and George Jackson.

Their textbooks now pass from hand to hand along with those of the revolutionaries of every land: Mao Tse-tung, Che Guevara, Vladimir Lenin, Karl Marx, Frantz Fanon, Kwame Nkrumah, Amikar Cabral, Huey P. Newton.

The RIWPO Prison Correspondence Committee is aware of how difficult it is to procure the aforementioned literature, so we’re here to find ways to circumvent the racist mailroom censorship to ensure those of you held within the walls of these razor wire plantations receive the proper revolutionary literature to feed your revolutionary consciousness. We are here for you.

For those of you who are able to email, contact us at: RIWPO@RIBPP.org

All Power to The People
Comrade Shine White

Send our brother some love and light: Joseph Stewart, 0802041, Bertie Correctional Institution, P.O. Box 129, Windsor NC 279893.


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