Turning razor wire plantations into schools of liberation

The Revolutionary Intercommunal Black Panther Party, even though most of it’s membership is on the outside, has not forgotten its prison based roots. Three of our five Central Committee members are incarcerated and we take our comrades behind bars’ well being seriously.

One of our goals is to turn the razor wire plantations into schools of liberation. That is why we aim to build inside of the prison walls as well as on the outside. We put a call out to our comrades that are enslaved by this vile empire to join us in our goal of turning the criminal mentality into a revolutionary one.

My ministry, the Ministry of Justice, has multiple functions. The main role will be on organizing and coordinating bail and legal defenses of party and mass forces, conducting internal investigations of party matters such as of complaints against members, and organizing fair and formal hearings procedures, overseeing disciplinary measures against party members, and protecting the rights of the accused who may appeal all such decisions of to the Central Committee. It is to prevent factionalism and promote unity and fair processes.

The other function however is to lend support to our incarcerated comrades and help build the Panther movement inside. Capitalism depends on the exploitation of the labor of the masses and the prison industry is a leg of the chair of oppression.

When we attack the prisons we attack slavery, we free the minds of our comrades to come home and help liberate their own respective areas. This is the duty of the Ministry of Justice.

If any comrades on the inside would like to contact the Minister of Justice, comrade Maurice Garlic Jr, you can write to him at P.O. Box 12272 Roanoke VA, 24024 . Contacts on the outside can contact me at moj@ribpp.org.

We await your participation,

All Power to The People
Dare To Struggle
Dare To Win

-Maurice Garlic Jr


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