The Inevitable Split by Comrade Pitt, Minister of Labor RIBPP

The following is a statement from Comrade Pitt, former Minister of Education for the New Afrikan Black Panther Party (NABPP), who now serves as Minister of Labor for the Revolutionary Intercommunal Black Panther Party (RIBPP), on the “split” from NABPP.  Comrade Pitt is a political prisoner currently being held at Red Onion State Prison which is a supermax facility located in Wise County, VA. More of his art can be viewed on his #IG page @pittpanther_art.



“A party that purges itself grows to become stronger.”
– Vladimir Ilyich Lenin


Multiple counts of male chauvinistic behavior, several complaints by female comrades of abuse and harassment by Shaka Zulu aka Zulu Sharod, complaints of Big Tom aka Tom Watts/Xing Eela sexually harassing and repeatedly groping a New Afrikan female comrade then he and Shaka subsequently expelling her for speaking out against his predatory and perverted behavior. Gratuitous expulsion of cadres who disagreed with Shaka and Big Tom.

Big Tom and Shaka Zulu acting as the Central committee without any consent or communication with other central committee members. Sending private messages to members misleading them to believe that the central committee had reached a decision and falsely claiming that myself, Rashid and Jason were involved in the decision making process and intentionally lying that we concurred. Acting without the involvement of the entire Central committee equates to commandism.

Shaka Zulu disregarded the handed down suspension by the Justice committee and continued doing as he pleased, these matters could’ve long been resolved however Shaka Zulu declined to embrace criticism and/or accountability but rather deflected to other matters unrelated to his toxic and detrimental conduct, this goes against the party’s line in providing a correct method of leadership called the Mass Line and also the antithesis of Democratic Centralism which is at the core of what the party stands for.

Furthermore, Shaka Zulu consistently uplifts himself over the party, his social media page is proof, he misappropriated funds donated to the party multiple times and used the funds for his own personal use and even attempted to raise funds in the name of the party without consultation using his personal financial accounts to raise funds and when confronted by comrades, the post was immediately deleted, such behavior is sheer opportunism.

UPM (reconstituted as PSO) comrades have dedicated much of their time and efforts into the organization yet Shaka Zulu as the chairman, declines to acknowledge any UPM members outside of his homebase of Newark,NJ. Numerous members have left the organization due to these aforementioned unchecked patterns of behavior. I had naively held out hope that things would ameliorate but it became conspicuous that things were indeed getting worse.

“Democratic centralism as its name implies combines both democracy and centralism. The object of genuine democracy is to bring out all ideas. To give everyone, not merely small groups or ‘special individuals’, the right and opportunity to speak and express their views, to openly and honestly criticize people and practices high and low that are believed to be in error and harming the interest of the whole. This is so that problems may be identified and solved” (Democratic centralism: The purpose, the method).

This process is one which Shaka Zulu and Big Tom know yet they utterly and intentionally violated what DC entails in identifying and solving problems. In applying and practicing DC Shaka was afforded countless opportunities to not only face criticism but to also present evidence, if any, in support of his defense yet instead of going through this process, he would deflect to other unrelated matters, use the platform to slander cadres, not once embracing any criticism let alone accountability.


—–Practice what you preach—–

“No one is always right or above criticism, even if sometimes we are wrongly criticised. To deal with truth we must be able and willing to be contradicted and disputed. If our views or actions are wrong we must honestly examine and correct them. This is the only way forward. Those unwilling to accept supervision and criticism of the people are not their genuine leaders, but are capable only of oppressing them, of placing individual pride before collective principle. Attitudes of this sort act as corrosive and undermine unity.”

In response to Kwame Shakur’s (aka Dayon Miller) opportunistic video stream, I’ll make it brief as it doesn’t warrant much of a response, this is an individual who preaches militant and revolutionary theories yet when confronted by white nationalists in Minneapolis during the summer rebellions, he shoved a comrade he was traveling with – his girlfriend at the time – in front of him and cowardly used her as a shield.

It is the obligatory duty of all comrades to protect and defend each other and not use them as shields therefore until Kwames demonstrates some fucking spirit and practices what he preaches, his words fall flat and have no merit or substance whatsoever. A revolutionary is defined by his or her actions not mere words and Kwame’s actions speak contrary to the revolutionary and militant theories he spews.”

All Power to the People !
Peter “Comrade Pitt” Mukuria, Minister of Labor


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