Revolutionary Intercommunal Black Panther Party Supports Black Lives Matter Chapters and Their Struggle for Accountability with Black Lives Matter Global Network (2021)

blackpanther-redstarOn April 1, 2021 the Central Committee of the Revolutionary Intercommunal Black Panther Party (RIBPP) met with leading representatives of several local Black Lives Matter (BLM) chapters, including those from Chicago, Cleveland, DC and Philly.

This meeting was prompted by these and other local BLM chapters uniting with public criticisms made by me as Minister of Defense of the NABPP (now RIBPP) against the corrupt and self-appointed BLM central leadership (BLM Global Network [BLMGN]) during last year’s mass uprisings. (1)

Those criticisms spoke to BLMGN’s (and other opportunist Black misleaders and Democratic party shills like Al Sharpton, Benjamin Crump and others) exploiting and profiting off the trauma of Black families and communities victimized by police terror.

I also criticized BLMGN’s working to coopt the mass grassroots resistance movements into its own orbit and then steer it into supporting the Establishment political parties (the Democratic party in particular) that are the cause of the conditions the people are protesting against.

My criticisms did distinguish between BLMGN and those local based BLM chapters who have been genuinely struggling on the ground to meet the challenges of organizing the communities against the system’s abuses, but were not receiving support or resources from BLMGN. BLMGN had been and continues to rake in massive sums of money (tens of million of dollars), which has not gone to BLM chapters nor suffering communities or families. This money remains unaccounted for, except that BLMGN leaders have achieved immense personal celebrity and wealth on account of pretended leadership of and identification with the victims of police terror and the mass resistance against these horrendous abuses. In fact BLMGN’s self-appointed leader Patrisse Cullors has been recently exposed in numerous media outlets for purchasing four luxury homes.

Recently several community-based BLM chapters have taken a stand against BLMGN and its corrupt leadership, recognizing the need to publicly distinguish themselves and the work of those truly committed to serving the masses in the oppressed communities from BLMGN.

Our April 1st meeting solidified RIBPP’s unity with the local BLM chapters in their struggles alongside the people at the grassroots, and against the misleadership of BLMGN and all others who aim to exploit and prey upon the oppressed masses and steer them into upholding the very political and economic system that is the source and cause of their suffering and abuses.

Therefore RIBPP extends our support for and alliance with these local BLM chapters who have taken the stand as stated above and invite them and all community-based organizations who align with the struggle for liberation of the people, to join the Panther Solidarity Movement (PSM), which is the “Big Umbrella” of our united front against this oppressive, murderous, exploitative capital imperialist system that aims to liberate and unite all oppressed peoples community by community.

Dare to Struggle Dare to Win!

All Power to the People!



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