Who Is Kwame Shakur (Aka Dayon Miller) And Who Is He Working For? A Response To His Jan 4, 2021 Facebook Statement Against The Revolutionary Intercommunal Black Panther Party (2021)

rashid-2013-self-portrait1“Be on your guard against conspiracy mania, against posing, adopting airs of mystery, dramatizing simple events, or ‘conspiratorial’ attitudes. The greatest virtue in a revolutionary is simplicity, and scorn for all poses…including ‘revolutionary’ and especially conspiratorial poses.” -Victor Serge, WHAT EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW ABOUT REPRESSION (1926)

“Hide nothing from the masses of our people. Tell no lies. Expose lies whenever they are told. Mask no difficulties, mistakes, failures. Claim no easy victories.” Amilcar Cabral



In any struggle it is always my position to be principled, honest, and to uphold the communist values that I promote. I have no problems engaging in debates nor with being criticized, even dishonestly criticized—all of this is part of participating in people’s democracy and being a revolutionary leader. But those two or three people who have criticized me (vs. the overwhelming support I have received) for joining other comrades in separating from the New Afrikan Black Panther Party (NABPP) and reconstituting as the Revolutionary Intercommunal Black Panther Party (RIBPP), are neither honest nor are they willing to be criticized.

In this discussion, I want to focus on Kwame Shakur aka Dayon Miller, (not to be confused with Kwame “Lil Beans” Shakur),  who recently created and appointed himself chair of the Black Liberation Circle (BLC), after he’d hopped into and left numerous organizations, from the Revolutionary Communist Party-USA, to the Maoist Communist Party-Organizing Committee, IDOC Watch, United Panther Movement (UPM), NABPP, and finally the Black Panther Party Legacy Keepers.

From my own experiences with and knowledge of Kwame, he engaged in internal disruptions and repeatedly abandoned responsibilities and work he was given inside each of these groups and established a pattern of snitch-jacketing multitudes of people in the process, practices known to be counterintelligence tactics frequently used by the FBI and police against organizations and leaders targeted for destruction.




On Jan 4, 2021, Kwame posted a live feed statement where he made several criticisms of me, my partner Shupavu wa Kirima, and of the RIBPP. This is my response.

Kwame began by criticizing the split with the NABPP as some individual act of my own. However the RIBPP split from the NABPP was a decision arrived at democratically by a number of people including EVERYONE in the NABPP who’d worked alongside Shaka Sankofa Zulu aka Zulu Sharod in Newark, NJ-some of them for over a year and a half. Most of the UPM came along with us as well.

Everyone was disillusioned and exhausted with Shaka’s misleadership, repeated abuse of women, theft of organizational money, avoiding criticism and accountability, and using their labor and the NABPP and UPM as platforms to promote a social media celebrity cult around himself. A major concern was also that Tom Watts aka Xing Eela, a Euro-Amerikan, was in control of the NABPP and Shaka, and Tom’s own problematic conduct and history.

So this move wasn’t about me, nor is the RIBPP ‘my Party.’ The RIBPP, unlike both the NABPP and Kwame’s BLC, has a democratically elected leadership that includes women and makes decisions collectively.



In attacking my mild public criticism of Tom and Shaka, Kwame cites Malcolm X’s position that like families Black groups should keep internal conflicts behind closed doors.

Malcolm X wasn’t a Communist. I am. In fact, I am a Maoist, which Kwame also professes to be. Maoists don’t base political organizing on the family unit model but believe in bringing matters affecting the masses before them for their criticism and discussion. Which is why, unlike Kwame, I don’t fear being publicly criticized. Also unlike him, I don’t have anything to hide.

That he has a lot to hide is why he came out attacking me, my wife, and the RIBPP. As he admitted in his statement, he knew if I would publicly criticize Shaka and Tom, I might do the same to him. So he went on the attack first trying to malign me and cast doubt on my character. I have been consistent in my practice which has been on public display for 15 years. Two years ago he was unheard of.



First Kwame’s attack on my wife:

Shupavu was never in any relationship with Shaka before me. And even were she that’s their business. As Mumia Abu Jamal explained in WE WANT FREEDOM, his book on his life in the original BPP, women in that Party enjoyed the freedom to be with whomever they wanted and could change partners whenever they desired. Which was a blow against male chauvinism and domination. What sort of Communism is Kwame promoting?

In any case, before and after Shaka was released from prison, Shupavu did help him in many ways as a friend and Comrade. She helped him find the residence he presently lives in. She gave him political advice, interfaced with other political groups for him, ghostwrote articles, letters and bios for him, helped him raise funds for NABPP work, and basically acted as the de facto chairperson of the NABPP, although from behind the scenes.

At the time Shupavu was a leading member of the African Peoples Socialist Party and lent her political experience to Shaka to help him get the NABPP and UPM work off the ground.

Shaka introduced me to Shupavu and we began working toward developing a coalition between our respective Parties.

When I mentioned one day that I had been talking to Shupavu on the phone Shaka became defensive. That night he began a campaign of harassment against her out of admitted jealousy and rage over suspicion that we were developing a personal relationship. At the time we weren’t.

Shaka began sending Shupavu literally hundreds of threatening text messages and phone calls (at least forty missed phone calls in one night) threatening to report her being in a relationship with me to her Party’s leadership to get her expelled, sending her pornographic images including women performing oral sex on men with the statement, “this is Shupavu sucking Rashid’s dick,” he hacked into her email account, threatened to publicly release compromising pictures of her that he got access to, and much else.

She reported his actions to me and I had her send screenshots of his threats and messages to another NABPP Central Committee (CC) member. Shupavu still has records of all this material.

I brought the matter before the CC and sought Shaka’s expulsion for sexually and psychologically harassing this comrade. Tom prevailed on his behalf and he was only suspended from the CC for 30 days as a result. While on suspension he threatened to beat a female member of the UPM.

Kwame wasn’t around during this time. We met him a year later. So he has no knowledge and is simply spreading gossip about Shupavu’s early relationship with Shaka and me.

These are the actual facts of how Shupavu and I met and the deviations of Shaka, not Shupavu, and what actually transpired between them… And although she wasn’t in any relationship with Shaka, in his mind he felt so possessive of her that he resorted to sexual harassment and threats to try and pressure her into such a relationship and to break up one he thought she’d developed at the time with me. She and I obviously did become involved later, however.



As for my allegedly factionalizing with a believed infiltrator in the NABPP. Kwame wasn’t in the NABPP when Tom made these bogus claims because I criticized him for trying to factionalize with me and snitch-jacket a Comrade behind his back, continuing a destructive trend Kwame began inside the NABPP. The CC unanimously agreed that I answered and disproved Tom’s accusations of factionalizing before the CC on Oct 11, 2020. So Kwame’s is once again repeating something told to him in gossip.

In fact, he habitually gossips and spreads rumors about people. Before he resigned from the NABPP I wrote an article in opposition to this behavior titled, “Revolutionaries Must Stamp Out the Poisonous Weed of Gossip,” which can be read on my website, rashidmod.com. He asked numerous Comrades whether I was referring to him when it came out.

Consistent with this tendency, while in the NABPP Kwame snitch-jacketed no less than 15 organization members. In fact, he snitch-jacketed the entire Indianapolis chapter of the UPM and dissolved it on June 4, 2020, claiming it was infiltrated by the FBI. It’s posted on his Facebook page, which I will attach to this statement.

EVERYWHERE he looked he claimed people around him were pig agents. Most often he made these allegations against people who challenged or questioned his routine unprincipled behavior.

When he moved to Florida joining the UPM chapter there after destroying the one he’d created in Indianapolis, he continued his trend of snitch-jacketing people, which led to the destruction of the Florida UPM chapter as well. He developed a particular obsession with trying to convince anyone who’d listen that his erstwhile friend, Comrade, and bodyguard Ignacio de la Sol was an informant after Ignacio made clear that he was going to report Kwame to the CC of the NABPP for his taking sexual advantage of several vulnerable women who’d come to the UPM for help and support against pig and domestic abuse, his constantly appealing to unwilling women to engage in threesomes, his repeatedly snitch-jacketing people with no evidence, his extreme paranoia, making unilateral token appointments of people to leadership positions in the UPM in violation of the org’s democratic processes, fabricating that he had CC authority for numerous wrongs done to UPM Comrades, etc. (I am posting with this Ignacio’s criticisms of Kwame which were submitted as a self-criticism after Kwame resigned).

THIS IS WHY KWAME RESIGNED FROM THE NABPP. HE WAS ABOUT TO BE EXPOSED AND INVESTIGATED FOR HIS IMMORAL AND ABUSIVE BEHAVIOR, WHICH MIGHT HAVE BECOME PUBLIC AND SHATTERED HIS DESIRE TO BE A MOVEMENT CELEBRITY. Especially when I would not blindly accept and join his persistent efforts to snitch-jacket Ignacio in his attempts to destroy Ignacio’s credibility in order to save his own.

I should point out that Kwame is not one of the 5 CC members who I stated in my Split article had resigned because of Tom’s and Shaka’s misleadership. Kwame resigned to avoid being reported and investigated.

He even tried to use Shupavu to convince me that Ignacio was an informant. He persistently snitch-jacketed Ignacio to her. This is why when she discovered that Ignacio had repeated on multiple occasions something about her that was untrue she reacted by calling Ignacio a pig agent on the phone to Kwame. She was angry and lashed out against him believing he was trying to sow division between her and me.



To try and give credence to his efforts to label Ignacio as an informant, Kwame called Shupavu during that time and secretly recorded her venting to him in anger against Ignacio, during which she repeated Kwame’s statements that Ignacio was an informant. She believed that Kwame was a friend and Comrade, but he was just using her to further an ulterior agenda as he does with everyone.

When he made his Jan 4th facebook post denouncing me, Kwame posted that secretly recorded phone conversation claiming it was proof that he was right about Ignacio and she knew he was an informant, but later changed her position to side with me because I’m her husband.

So she wouldn’t know he made this post, Kwame didn’t tag Shupavu, but a mutual friend informed her. When she went to his page and saw the post she lit into him, criticizing him for using a conversation as false evidence that he recorded without her knowledge or consent between them when he was posing as someone she could trust. She pointed out that this was something only a snake and ACTUAL pig agent would do.

She also posted in the comments to his post a letter I sent Kwame on Oct 22, 2020, where I criticized his repeatedly snitch-jacketing people, especially when he fell out with them, and that jacketing people is a well known FBI/police counterintelligence tactic used to create internal discord in targeted organizations and cause them to self-destruct.

A copy of my Oct 22d letter to Kwame will be posted with this statement.

Kwame thought I was going to publicly release this letter so bluffed, challenging me to do so.

He couldn’t respond to or refute Shupavu’s comments to his Jan 4th post, so he blocked her from his page and then erased them—the screenshots that she took of her comments prior to their being erased will also be posted with this statement—intending to hide his devious history, his habitual use of pig tactics to discredit people and disrupt organizations, and the truth of why he’d really resigned from the NABPP.

In fact, shortly after he resigned, the entire NABPP CC, including Shaka, Tom, and me, summed Kwame up as at best an extreme paranoiac, a career organization wrecker, and seriously mentally ill—likely as a result of his years spent in solitary confinement.



When Kwame resigned from the NABPP he tried to contract with the CC that he’d say nothing negative about the Party and would promote it to others if we did not express any criticisms of him publicly.

THIS is why he’s sidling up to Tom and Shaka now as a pretended supporter against me—both sides are looking to each other as support against my potential public critiques of them, which until now I had not made, except mildly to state the basic reasons for the split with the NABPP.

As Shupavu pointed out in her response to his post with her secretly recorded conversation with him, Kwame knew and was upset that I was referring to him in my article announcing the split with the NABPP, when I mentioned the past Minister of Culture for the NABPP who had begun a dangerous trend of snitch-jacketing people inside our organizations.



It was actually Kwame who first created suspicion against Willy Chino as being an infiltrator in the NABPP because Will was charged with investigating Kwame’s persistent claims that Ignacio was an agent. When Will found nothing to support these claims, Kwame began spreading rumors that Will too was an agent.

So that people understand just how dangerous a game snitch-jacketing people is and that it is a counterintelligence tactic commonly used by the FBI/police SPECIFICALLY TO DESTROY OUR LEADERS AND ORGANIZATIONS, let’s look at what Ward Churchill wrote about it in his book on the FBI’s counterintelligence program (COINTELPRO), titled, AGENTS OF REPRESSION: THE FBI’S SECRET WAR AGAINST THE BPP AND THE AMERICAN INDIAN MOVEMENT—at pages 49 and 212 he explained:

“‘Snitch-jacketing’ or ‘bad-jacketing’ refers to the practice of creating suspicion—through the spread of rumors, manufacture of evidence, etc.—that BONA FIDE organizational members, usually in key positions, are FBI/police informers, guilty of such offenses as skimming organizational funds and the like. The purpose of this tactic was to ‘isolate and eliminate’ organizational leadership; such efforts were continued—and in some instances accelerated—when it became known that the likely outcome would be extreme violence visited upon the ‘jacketed’ individual(s). Bad-jacketing was a very commonly used technique…

” At the juncture in which the bad-jacketing process takes hold within an organization, the police can be reasonably certain that it will begin to unravel, to eat itself alive. Its membership will become increasingly factionalized and isolated from one another; in cases where extreme physical jeopardy has also been imposed by the police (e.g., the BPP), members may also begin literally to liquidate one another as a desperate expedient to perceived self-defense. Each of these outcomes—INCLUDING the ‘internal’ assassination of police-targeted individuals—are consciously calculated COINTELPRO objectives.”

Interestingly Kwame closes his post with claims that I am suspected of being a pig agent by a street organization in the Indiana prison system that HE has contact with. Coincidence? If this is true it’s likely he planted the seeds with the group himself.

People, HE’S SNITCH-JACKETING ME RIGHT NOW WITH THIS RUMOR. There is only one purpose for doing such a thing! Revolutionaries don’t play these games.

If he were a revolutionary, he would know the pigs would spread such rumors to the extent they believed they could get it to take root among prisoners who don’t know me in a prison system I was interstate transferred to for the purpose of isolating me in such an environment.

On page 211, Ward Churchill explains that ‘jacketing’ people is “well known in prisons where guards are adept” at playing prisoners against each other. Kwame knows all this. But he’s jacketing me on social media. He knows the danger and pig nature of doing this. Yet he persists, with no evidence. Simply spreading rumors.

Again, he’s bounced from organization to organization–all organizations that the pigs would target because they oppose the status quo—disrupting them and snitch-jacketing multitudes of people along the way. What is his objective?

Otherwise, he’s done nothing but maneuver to make himself a “movement celebrity” who, as Veda Washington-Abusaleh (whose nephew Alton Sterling was murdered by Baton Rouge, LA pigs in July 2016 and who once promoted Kwame), stated to me a few nights ago, Kwame is a sick individual who cares about no one but himself, he uses everyone, he lives by hustling the people, and only wants to be the center of attention; he hasn’t accomplished anything and everything he touches fails.

Whereas Veda was once his #1 supporter and advocate and first gave him the platform in the movement for his voice to be heard, she now finds him repulsive and refuses to work with or endorse him.

Like Tom and Shaka, Kwame never had a single negative thing to say about me UNTIL I CRITICIZED HIM. It was then that their views of me made a total about-face overnight.



The NABPP was born from a split within another organization, the Black Brigade. Lenin said splits are the life of a revolutionary party. When Mao contended with a resistant party bureaucracy that repeatedly held back the Chinese Revolution, he threatened to return to the mountains and start over with a reconstituted party and red army.

But our separation from the NABPP wasn’t really a split, since the entire party cadre and most of the mass organization came along with the RIBPP. There are only two people left in the NABPP-Tom and Shaka.

Party splits are not inherently wrong. But repeatedly infiltrating a movement and political organizations that are struggling against the repressive capitalist-imperialist system, racism, and police-state repression and creating dissension and havoc within them by the persistent use of divisive pig tactics, like habitually snitch-jacketing people is the definition of counter-revolutionary.

As FBI director, J. Edgar Hoover said of his anti-panther COINTELPRO program, the overall objective was to sow a climate of distrust and suspicion, where people in the movement would believe there was a federal agent behind every telephone. THIS is the very climate Kwame generates among the people, whether it be political groups or street organizations. His role has been counter-revolutionary from the outset. He hasn’t been working in the interest of the people; so who is he really working for?

Dare to Struggle Dare to Win!
All Power to the People!


Attached to this statement are

  1. Kwame’s June 4, 2020, Facebook post announcing the liquidation of the IN UPM which never recovered, after he snitch-jacketed the entire membership claiming it was infiltrated by the FBI.
  2. My Oct 22, 2020 letter to Kwame criticizing him for habitually snitch-jacketing people in the movement
  3. Shupavu’s comments on Kwame’s Oct 5, 2021 post that he erased
  4. Ignacio’s critiques of Kwame that were about to be exposed to the CC of the NABPP and he resigned from the NABPP to avoid


  1. Kwame’s June 4, 2020, Facebook post announcing the liquidation of the IN UPM which never recovered, after he snitch-jacketed the entire membership claiming it was infiltrated by the FBI.



2. My Oct 22, 2020 letter to Kwame criticizing him for habitually snitch-jacketing people in the movement


So, now I’m a pig agent because I won’t join your crusade of snitch jacketing people whom you oppose or who oppose you?

From March 2020, when you were recruited into the NABPP by our chairman Shaka Sharod, until you ‘resigned’ in Aug 2020 just as inquiries were being made into your self-promoting, paranoid, and saboteur behavior, you snitch jacketed at least TEN PEOPLE, including your ex-fiancé Free Shakur whom you’ve known since your childhood and who stood beside you throughout your 18 years in prison.

During that time you also dissolved the IN chapter of the UPM which has never recovered; demoralized and drove many people from the movement; started and abandoned (sabotaged) numerous projects and initiatives aimed at organizing the people and struggling against oppressive conditions they suffer under; generated numerous rumors, rifts, and suspicions between Party and UPM members and others; sexually exploited numerous vulnerable women who came to you and our orgs for support against abuse; used our orgs and other platforms including families who’ve had loved ones murdered by the pigs to promote yourself, etc.

Since your ‘resignation’ you’ve continued this pattern of behaviors, and because I refused to side with your repeated efforts to snitch jacket a Brown Panther Comrade (whom you began snitch jacketing when he took steps to report your behaviors while in FLA to the Party’s leadership), you decided to claim I too must be a pig agent.

And according to your own statements, you’re spreading these vile rumors to street orgs and others with intentions of inciting violence between us.


Many people don’t know the police and FBI history of targeting independent Black orgs and leaders for destruction, such as the FBI’s Counterintelligence Program (COINTELPRO). But you do. You’ve studied it thoroughly.

So you KNOW the pig nature, methods, dangers, and effects of these vile programs.

Under COINTELPRO the FBI used such methods as “snitch jacketing” people, inciting “violence prone groups” into conflict with targeted orgs or people, infiltrating agents into the targeted groups and using them to disrupt, divide, and weaken the groups internally, attacking groups’ public images, and so on.

As you know these methods were exposed and documented in a 1976 Congressional investigation (the Church Committee), after a protest group broke into an FBI warehouse, discovered extensive files on the COINTELPRO program, and released it to the media and others.

In the concluding report the Committee revealed that one of the FBI’s go to methods of attacking and undermining Black political groups was by having agents snitch jacket people. As the report stated:

“The ‘snitch jacket’ technique–neutralizing a target by labeling him a ‘snitch’ or informant, so that he could no longer be trusted–was used in all COINTELPROS. The methods utilized ranged from having an authentic informant start a rumor about a target member, to anonymous letters or phone calls, to faked informants’ reports….

“The ‘snitch jacket’ is a particularly nasty technique when used on peaceful groups. It gains an added dimension of damage when it is used–as, indeed, it was–in groups known to have murdered informers.” (See, Church Committee, U.S. Congressional Report: Intelligence Activities and the Rights of Americans, 94th Congress, 2d Session, Report No. 94-755 (1976), book lll, p. 46).
YOU have snitch jacked people REPEATEDLY, and particularly key Comrades in our organizations whom you’ve worked alongside. These attacks ALWAYS turned on your word and construction of events alone.

First there was Acuya, the UPM comrade who had charge of your security in IN. Then Boots, who followed Acuya in rank. Then your ex-fiancé Free, whom you cast off like Nelson Mandela did Winnie.

Then there was Pebbles, whom you first claimed was your new partner replacing Free. Then you told me you only wanted to have sex with her to find out if she was an informant, which I opposed as specious.

After you snitch jacketed all of these people, who were basically the entire IN UPM (one of the most promising chapters), you unilaterally dissolved the chapter, claiming it was infiltrated by the pigs. The Party criticized this move on your part. Next thing I knew you were back on good terms with Free, then Pebbles, then back on bad terms with them both again.

I noticed a pattern that in each case of you calling people pig agents, it followed their disagreements with or challenging you or complaints to other org members or leadership about your self-aggrandizing, paranoid, commandist, and other problematic behaviors.

These same tendencies followed you when you traveled to FLA and joined the UPM chapter there alongside Comrade Iggy. You snitch jacketed several people there, and developed sexual relationships with several vulnerable women who came to the UPM for support against abuse.

One sexual tryst being with Seenoria, who was removed by Comrades from a domestic violence situation and given refuge with Katrina. The other was Katrina, who survived an abusive relationship and was looking for support surrounding her sister, who is believed to have been trafficked.

I personally criticized you as appearing to use your leadership to take advantage of vulnerable women. You assured me that you were serious about Katrina, which I expressed doubt about, since you’d told me the same thing about Free and Pebbles.

You also repeatedly imposed your own arbitrary authority on FLA UPM Comrades, tokenizing several of them and independently appointing leadership roles to people in violation of the org’s own democratic processes. You falsely claimed to have my and the CC’s authorization to do this.

According to FLA comrades, you also refused to accept criticism, which is a basic rule and principle of our work.

When Iggy criticized your conduct and expressed intentions to report it to the CC you snitch jacketed him, and have been factionalizing trying to get anyone who will listen to take your side against him. I’ve seen many unprincipled people do this in prison to attack, disredit, and undermine the credibility of someone they have a conflict with. In the streets and prison system I’m from this practice is frowned on almost as much as snitching itself (because it’s a game the pigs play)–calling someone a snitch is disallowed unless one can at least show DOCUMENTED proof of their snitching. THIS is the code of the streets since you claim to follow the street code.

You contacted me several times with your claims against Iggy, which was turned over to the BPO national spokesperson Will to investigate. I did also made a number of inquiries into the situation and found that alot of the real problems lay with you.

Then suddenly, as things related to you and your conduct were coming to a head, and Iggy filed a formal report against you with the Party CC and Free was in the process of doing the same, you announced your “resignation,” and expressed that you didn’t want it revealed to the public why you were resigning. You also assured us that you wouldn’t utter anything negative against the Party and would promote us as the only political org that was genuinely committed to revolutionary principles and practice. Which sounded to me like a ploy and attempted tradeoff to get us to not publicize your problematic behaviors.

You have since remained in Party leaders’ ears about Iggy, and because Will obviously wasn’t finding any substance to support your snitch jacketing Iggy, you turned on Will and began calling him a pig agent too.

You tried over and over to send me messages and to influence me through others to whom you were feeding this factionalist slander in private conversations, to turn on Will and Iggy.

Then on Oct 19, 2020 you contacted my wife, Shaka and others claiming I’d told some street org members at Pendleton C. F. that their outside leaders were going to become BPs and this was having a backlash against you. Something I’ve never said, and sounds just like the rift the FBI tried to instigate between the Chicago BPP and the Blackstone Rangers back in ’68/’69 by circulating false rumors that the BPP was claiming the Rangers were going to become BPs. (See Church Committee report, book lll)

The only thing I’ve said even remotely similar to this is that Brenda, the mother of a street org leader on the outside, was leading the IN UPM and we were trying to rebuild that chapter, while developing a coalition with various street orgs.

I called Veda Washington-Abusaleh, the aunt of Alton Sterling who was murdered a few years back by the Baton Rogue, LA police, who gave you the platform to work with alot of families who’ve had loved ones murdered by the pigs and who generated alot of support for you in the past. I called her to get your number, which she gave me and I called you.

You went into a rant about me supposedly spreading a rumor about outside street orgs becoming BPs, etc. I explained that I said no such thing. Next you went into a frenzy about seeing Iggy in LA supporting Veda that day online, claiming we’d turned her against you, while I refused to expel Iggy from the Party as a pig agent based on your snitch jacketing him. You said I must therefore be a pig agent too.
I hung up after explaining to you that you were seen as paranoid at best by people who’d worked closely with you, and that our one-sided conversation was going nowhere because you were being cryptic about who I supposedly told that some street org members were becoming BPs.
Then you called my wife trying to snitch jacket me to her. She replied that she could assure you that I do not work for any pigs. You also lied claiming you asked me on the phone how I got your number, (a question you never asked), and that I told you I got it from Shaka. Ultimately my wife informed you I got it from Veda. Regardless, you called Shaka asking if he gave me your number and when he denied it you contacted various people claiming I got your number through some pig channel which proved I’m an agent.

Then on Oct 20th you called Veda claiming you had several witnesses who would tell her I was a pig agent, including my wife [?!]. Veda literally cursed you out for lying and continuing to try and spread snitch jackets on people. She also told you she gave me your number the day before.
As far as Veda having turned against you, you know you did this to yourself. She banned you from staying in her home while visiting LA, because of you disrespecting her home by trying in past to have sex with several women there. Veda has expressed repeatedly that you are on drugs and it has causes you serious mental impairment and paranoia.

She specifically denounces you for attempting, as you commonly do, to take over victimized people’s platforms to promote yourself. Such as you did to the Stolen Lives families at a speaking engagement in Minneapolis in June 2020. She’s said she will never endorse you as a political leader because your conduct shows considerable moral degeneration over the past several months, which others are increasingly recognizing.

Even worse, you told Veda during that Oct 20th call that you were going to use your influence with various street orgs to put hits on Iggy and me. ANOTHER COINTELPRO-style move, which is exactly what the FBI used its agents to do to target the BPP and its leaders with violent conflict with the US org, Blackstone Rangers, and others. As the Church Committee report described:

“The Select Committee’s staff investigation has disclosed a number of instances in which the FBI sought to turn violence-prone organizations against the Panthers in an effort to aggravate ‘gang warfare.’… We have been able to establish beyond doubt, however, that high officials of the FBI desired to provoke violent confrontations between the BPP and members of other groups, and that those officials condoned tactics calculated to achieve that end. It is deplorable that officials of the United States Government, should engage in the activities described [herein];…equally disturbing is the pride which those officials took in claiming credit for the bloodshed that occurred.”

The report went on to state that, “In late 1968 and early 1969, the FBI endeavored to pit the Blackstone Rangers, a heavily armed, violence prone, organization, against the Black Panthers.” (Church Committee report, book lll)

So in light of the fact that you have been consistently employing methods of disruption, division, and subversion within and against our Party and mass org that duplicate the documented methods of the FBI’s COINTELPRO program against independent Black political groups/leaders in general, and the BPP in particular, one must ask: WHO INDEED ARE YOU WORKING FOR?

You have proven in my opinion to be one of the most disruptive, destructive people in the movement I’ve ever known or heard about. In fact, if we DID take your accusations to be true, you’re also the most effective recruiter of pig agents in the movement I’ve heard of, because, EVERY person who you’ve recruited into our party and UPM and worked close to, that I know of, you turned around and snitch jacketed. YOU recruited Free, Acuya, Boots, Pebbles, and, most importantly, Iggy.
At every turn you have fingered people as pig agents and tried to generate a climate of constant suspicion, paranoia, and fear of pig infiltration, which again is a known FBI tactic. As past FBI director and COINTELPRO architect J. Edgar Hoover said of the COINTELPROs, the objective is to have activists believe, “there’s an agent behind every telephone.”

It seems that while you may have first envisioned yourself as an aspiring Fred Hampton Sr, you’ve ended up becoming more like J. Edgar Hoover. This is a jacket you put on yourself by your own practice.

Dare to Struggle Dare to Win!
All Power to the People!



3. Shupavu’s comments on Kwame’s Oct 5, 2021 post that he erased

































4.  Ignacio’s critiques of Kwame that were about to be exposed to the CC of the NABPP and he resigned from the NABPP to avoid – click here to read document

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