Grant Video Visits To Indiana’s Solitary Confinement Prisoners (2020)


rashid_indianaSince the onset of the covid pandemic in early 2020, prisons across the country have suspended or eliminated in-person prison visitation and replaced it with at-cost video visits.

In solitary confinement, visitation is especially precious for people who are otherwise isolated from normal social interactions and environmental stimulation—a condition that is now universally recognized to constitute torture and cause mental illness in most people. There is also the basic need for people on the inside and outside to maintain familial bonds, especially between children and parents.

Here in Indiana’s Wabash Valley Correctional (sic) Facility’s solitary confinement unit and in violation of IDOC policy, video visits are not permitted, so that prisoners here are basically cut off from seeing and interacting with loved ones and friends.

What ‘humane’ society tears people and families apart?

IDOC Watch and prisoners at Wabash and their loved ones are calling on public support in the struggle to receive video visits so these prisoners may see and interact with their loved ones on the outside.

Dare to Struggle Dare to Win!
All Power to the People!

* To get involved in this important struggle please reach out to IDOC Watch at  or Support Prison Lives at


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