Was 9/11 An Inside Job? (A Reply To Mike Novick Of Turning The Tide Newspaper) (October 2020)

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I recently posted and circulated an exchange I had with a patriotic prison guard, which included my discussion of 9/11 and the obvious evidence that the 3, not 2, World Trade Center (WTC) towers were not destroyed by planes crashing into them, but rather by controlled demolitions.

Mike Novick, a longtime comrade who publishes Turning The Tide newspaper posted a response to my 9/11 comments. While he agrees with the evidence that WTC Tower 7, which was not struck by any planes yet collapsed a few hours after the Twin Towers, was demolished, he expressed that he wasn’t convinced about Towers 1 and 2 which were hit by planes.

Mike notes the construction of the Twin Towers, unlike Tower 7, was like a suspension bridge, not a “normal building.” So, upper story damage could have damaged their suspension causing the floors below to collapse one on top of the other, allowing the buildings to collapse straight down, instead of toppling over to the side. Mike’s theory concerning the Twin Towers sounds plausible, but it doesn’t fit the science.


The Twin Towers Were Pulverized

To begin with, the Twin Towers didn’t fall by the floors pancaking all the way down. If they had, the debris pile would have been a pile of concrete floors stacked on top of each other like a pile of pancakes. This was not the case, which can be seen in photos and videos of rubble. In fact, New York governor George Pataki, upon first visiting the site, remarked in surprise, “There’s no concrete…it was pulverized.”

“Pulverized” is apt. The Twin Towers were clearly demolished. Beginning around the center of the buildings the tower floors were blown out, which is what caused the upper floors to collapse straight down at extraordinary speeds. Numerous witnesses attest to this. In a Nov 7, 2001 interview, EMT Captain Karin Deshore described it. “Somewhere around the middle of the World Trade Center, there was this orange and red flash coming out. Initially, it was just one flash. Then this flash just kept popping all the way around the building and that building had started to explode. The popping sound, and with each popping sound, it was initially an orange and then a red flash that came out of the building, and then it would just go all around the building on both sides as far as I could see. These popping sounds and the explosions were getting bigger, going both up and down and then all around the building.”

There is a series of oral recordings of many similar accounts collected by the NYC Fire Commissioner Thomas Von Essen, that were concealed by the city of NY until the New York Times won a federal appeals court order to have the recordings released to the paper.

There were also videos and photos showing jets of exploded material shooting from the sides of the buildings below the “crush zone,” which are known as “squibs” in the demolition industry. These are explosives used to cut through structural steel so a building will collapse with minimal to no resistance. Videos of the rubble debris show only a 7-story pile of debris. Missing are the 110 acre-sized floors of both towers.


The Steel Support Structure Was Blown Out

The concrete floors were disintegrated. There was actually 80,000 tons of steel framing in the buildings, designed to prevent the buildings from collapsing as they did. Which physicists and other experts agree couldn’t happen unless these support structures were removed to allow the upper building to collapse down at nearly 2/3 the rate of free-fall. Many NYC firefighters described the scene as defying all their prior experience. In the oral history of 118 first responders, Sgt James Canham expressed, “This changed all the rules. This went from a structure to a wafer in seconds, in seconds. I couldn’t believe the speed of the tower coming down. I heard a rumble. I looked up. Debris was already 50 feet from the ground….”

As for the steel framing, what was also found was sections of it weighing 4-9 tons were blown out the sides of the buildings, landing up to 600 feet away, which resulted from an explosive force so powerful that it blew out entire wall units as if from a cannon.

These explosions disintegrated over 90,000 tons of concrete and metal decking, generated expanding hot gases with solids in them (pyroclastic-like flows) like that observed in volcanic explosions.


Advanced Explosive Material Found In WTC Dust

These pulverized buildings are what produced the massive amount of dust that blanketed Lower Manhattan as much as a foot deep in many places. What distinguished this dust from other regular office building dust, as the EPA explained, were significant components of red/grey spheres in diameters ranging from about one micron (0.001mm) to 1.5mm. Which could only have formed at temperatures above the 2700°F melting point of iron. Jet fuel and office fires burn no hotter than 1800°F. There were billions of these chips in the WTC dust.

As pointed out in my prior discussion, only thermite (an incendiary that burns at 4000-4500°F) burns hot enough to produce this effect. Thermite is a compound composed of iron oxide and aluminum powder.  Steven Jones and other scientists revealed in two articles published in 2007 and 2008 that there were significant amounts of aluminum in the chemical signature of several of the spheres. Not just this, but that they also contained sulfur but no calcium. Which means the sulfur couldn’t have come from the buildings’ gypsum wallboards.

There is a special variety of thermite, called thermate, that is produced only by the U.S. military that contains sulfur, which is added to allow the compound to burn less violently and to melt steel at a lower temperature.

In April 2009, a team of 9 scientists, including former BYU physicist Steven Jones, BYU physicist Jeffrey Farrer, and University of Copenhagen chemist Niels Harrit, published a report on their findings upon testing samples of the red/gray chips found in the WTC dust, titled, “Active Thermitic Material Discovered in the Dust From the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe,” in THE OPEN CHEMICAL PHYSICS JOURNAL (2009) 2, 7-31, available online.

Those tests found the red layer contained iron oxide and aluminum. When they heated the chips to about 806°F, they ignited quickly giving off huge amounts of energy. Results that matched “fairly closely an independent observation in a known super-thermite sample.” From those tests, they concluded that the red layer of the red/grey chips, “is active, unreacted thermitic material, incorporating nanotechnology,” and that it “is a highly energetic pyrotechnic or explosive material.” They also found that the chemical signature of the tested chips, “strongly matches the chemical signature of the spheres produced by igniting commercial thermite, and also matches the signature of many of the microspheres found in the WTC dust.”

As for the sulfur, FEMA did a brief, cursory, preliminary investigation on the WTC towers and wrote a Building Performance Assessment Report. In Appendix C to that report, FEMA discussed its findings from steel samples from the towers. It stated, there was “evidence of a severe high-temperature corrosion attack on the steel, including rapid oxidation and sulfidation with subsequent inter-granular melting….” “A sulfur-rich liquid penetrated” into the steel. “A liquid eutectic mixture containing primarily iron, oxygen, and sulfur formed during this hot corrosion attack on the steel….No clear explanation for the source of this sulfur has been identified.” The New York Times said this was “perhaps the deepest mystery uncovered in the investigation.”

Again, even under the worst fire conditions, neither jet fuel nor office fires reach temperatures anywhere near the melting point of iron, and certainly not its evaporating point. More telling is the scientists’ study finding the red layers of the red/grey chips to be unreacted thermite “incorporating nanotechnology.” Nano-thermic compounds have been researched since the 1990s. Writings on the studies explain that their value is in their ability to increase the destructive effects of high explosives, and they can be used as igniters that don’t leave behind evidence of the use of traditional igniters like lead azide. They are also more stable than other materials and can be customized for different uses. But nano-thermic compounds, which consist of an intimate mixture of ultra-fine grain (UFG) aluminum and nano-sized iron oxide in a carbon matrix, weren’t widely available in 2001. In fact, in 2002, the process of producing just the UFG aluminum, which was produced at the Naval Surface Warfare Center, required 14 high tech machines. As a report on the subject noted, “The current state of UFG aluminum production is that this is an area that still requires considerable effort.” (See, AMPTIAC Quarterly, Special Issue, “DOD Researchers Provide A Look Inside Nanotechnology,” 2002)

As Niels Harrit, the lead author of the study and report stated, “These new findings confirm and extend the earlier finding of previously molten, iron-rich microspheres in the World Trade Center dust. They provide strong forensic evidence that the official explanation of the WTC’s destruction is wrong.”


Pools Of Molten Steel Beneath WTC Rubble

In a 2010 article, “High Temperatures, Persistent Heat & ‘Molten Steel’ Challenge Official Story,” architect Richard Gage and Andrea Dreger, cite numerous official sources evidencing extremely hot temperatures before and during the WTC destruction and pools of molten steel beneath the rubble for a long period afterward.

First there was the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) that conducted the official investigation (coverup) of the destruction of the WTC, which noted several flows of molten metal seven minutes before the destruction of the South Tower, ranging from white-hot at the beginning to yellow-orange further down. As Gage and Dreger reported:

“The high-temperature phenomena at Ground Zero are documented by various sources.

Bechtel engineers, responsible for safety at Ground Zero wrote in the Journal of the American Society Of Safety Engineers: “The debris pile at Ground Zero was always tremendously hot. Thermal measurements taken by helicopter each day showed underground temperatures ranging from 400°F to more than 2,800°F.”

A publication of the Department of Labor states: “HOT STEEL – Even as the steel cooled, there was concern that the girders had become so hot they could crumble when lifted by overhead cranes.”

How serious the heat phenomena was is also shown by the large number of thermal images that were acquired from Ground Zero (images by SPOT, MTI, AVIRIS/NASA, ‘Twin Otter’/U.S. Army and at least 25 images by EarthData taken between Sept 16 and Oct 25).

“In addition, temperature measurements by helicopter were taken each day, and the firefighters used onsite sensors too. Many witnesses, including rescue personnel and firefighters working on the piles, described the phenomenon of ‘molten steel.’ Terms used in witness statements are, for example, ‘molten steel,’ beams ‘dripping from molten steel,’ ‘molten steel…like you’re in a foundry. Like lava, from a volcano.’

“A photograph by a Ground Zero worker shows an excavation machine lifting debris from the WTC wreckage dripping yellow/orange molten metal.”

“WTC clean-up workers and 9/11 artifacts architect Bart Voorsanger, of the video ‘Relics in the Rubble,’ found several pieces: ‘fused elements of steel…molten steel and concrete and all of these things … all fused by the heat,’ weighing several tons each. These foreign objects came to be known as “meteorites”.’

“The heat at Ground Zero was not only extreme, it was also persistent, as proven not only by witness statements, and photographs of orange-red glowing steel as late as October but also by thermal images taken by NASA and EarthData satellites. The EarthData thermal images show that the ‘hot spots’ remained at the same locations, the phenomenon did not ‘move’ across the site, as one would expect from fire.

“University of California professor Abolhassan Astaneh-Asl, the first structural engineer given access to the WTC steel at Fresh Kills Landfill notes, ‘I saw melting of girders at the World Trade Center.’ Astaneh also ‘describes the connections [between supporting columns] as being smoothly warped: ‘If you remember the Salvador Dali paintings with the clocks that are kind of melted-it’s kind of like that. That could only happen if you get steel yellow hot or white hot-perhaps around 2,000 degrees.’

“Others pointed out that huge columns that were bent without that the flanges of the columns showed any cracks or buckling must have been at very high temperatures.

“The extremely high temperatures evident contradict the official story. Office and hydrocarbon content fires cannot reach temperatures in the range that iron or structural steel melts. This was acknowledged by NIST’s John Gross in the same talk where he said regarding molten steel, “I know of absolutely nobody, no eyewitnesses that said so, nobody that’s produced it.” NIST itself performed extensive fire tests to establish the temperatures reached by WTC office and jet fuel fires. The temperatures established are far below the temperatures required to produce all of the above phenomena-which occurred both before and during the destruction and at Ground Zero.”

As the article went on to point out, NIST solved the problem of melted steel by excluding it from its examinations. Also by excluding Appendix C of the FEMA report from consideration.


The Twin Towers Did Not Fall From Above

As I pointed out, witnesses observed the Towers being exploded causing the top section to drop. Without seeing the explosions one might believe the top sections of the towers collapsed down onto the lowers sections causing them to fall under the weight, as Mike Novick erroneously believes happened. A physics teacher, David Chandler, corroborated the witness accounts applying simple physics to existing videos of the falling towers and proving that the theory Mike believes cannot be true. Chandler first pointed out a series of “demolition waves” going up and down the side of the North Tower at speeds faster than materials falling outside the tower at some points.

He posted these videos online in video clips titled, “Race with Gravity,” “Acceleration and Serendipity,” and “North Tower Exploding,” which clearly show rapid waves of timed explosions. These waves show huge pieces of metal being blown out from multiple floors simultaneously and horizontally at speeds exceeding 70 mph (squibs), racing ahead of the building’s collapse. Steel from sections traveled as far as 600 feet embedding themselves in neighboring buildings.

In the video, “Downward Acceleration of the North Tower,” Chandler shows that the top section of the WTC Tower 1 fell at an accelerating rate of about 2/3 of free fall, which, applying physics, demonstrated that the top was not impacting floors below it, which would have slowed down not accelerated the speed at which it fell. As already pointed out, first responders were stunned by the speed at which the towers fell, defying anything they had seen before. In another video, “Cutting Charges in the North Tower of the World Trade Center,” Chandler shows evidence of two actual columns being cut by explosions.

When publicly confronted with Chandler’s evidence related to Tower 7, NIST was forced to change its claim in its Aug 2008 Final Draft Report, where it claimed that Tower 7 fell 40% slower than it would if it had been in free fall. NIST had to admit in a modified Nov 2008 Final Draft that the building actually fell for 2.25 seconds in free fall. This proving also in Tower 7’s case that there was no resistance to its falling, which should have been caused by the internal steel structure.



Scientific evidence shows the WTC Towers did not fall as the official account claims, that they were destroyed not by planes and fires but by controlled demolitions. That THREE steel-reinforced buildings could collapse instantly and completely, in perfect symmetry, with minimal damage to surrounding structures, and in manners that demolition companies require expert specialists and are paid hefty sums to achieve, cannot be chance nor coincidence. Which, as said, I recognized when I first saw footage of the Twin Towers collapsing nearly two decades ago.

Somebody made the call to murder thousands of Amerikans on 9/11. For what purpose? Was it to win broad public support for military invasions of Afghanistan and other Arab countries, using a global declaration of an abstract “War on Terror,” that would give U.S. politicians and corporations carte blanch to go after those countries having large fossil fuel deposits that Amerika’s powerful interests have been angling to capture and control for decades, but could not before because of strong public aversion to military adventures abroad because of the losses and crimes of the genocidal war against VietNam?

As noted in my earlier discussion of 9/11, U.S. officials admitted to creating the Taliban decades ago to “stabilize” Afghanistan, so they safely could run a natural gas pipeline through the country and region from the Caspian Sea. But this obviously backfired when the Taliban turned against Amerika. Then in 1998 UNOCAL made a bid before Congress to build that pipeline, calling for the removal of the Taliban and replacing it with an “internationally accepted” government, again to stabilize the region so the pipeline could be built. Three years later 9/11 happened, giving the U.S. the needed pretext and broad public support to justify militarily invading Afghanistan to overthrow the Taliban.

Conspiracy theory? That’s a term used by the establishment to discredit inquiries into and exposures of official deviances, by equating such inquiries with unprovable and fantastic stories concocted by mythmakers and fantasy buffs.

The science behind the controlled demolitions of the WTC Towers (like global warming and the COVID-19 pandemic) is no theory. From that, we can deduce the whos and whys, which in any case demonstrates that Amerikan lives really don’t matter to the powers that be.

In fact, the U.S. ‘founding fathers’ dismissed the common people as a “bewildered herd” whose perceptions and aspirations to control the government should be manipulated and controlled. Democracy in Amerika applies only to the wealthy. The rest of the people are nothing to them but the means by which they acquire their wealth and achieve their power. Which is why we need a SCIENTIFIC socialist revolution to seize power and control of socially produced wealth from the oppressive non-laboring wealthy and deliver it into the hands of the working people and poor.

Otherwise, the people will continue to be manipulated into serving as cannon fodder and the backers of a political-economic system that cares nothing about them or their future survival.


Dare to Struggle Dare to Win!
All Power to the People!

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