Important Information Concerning Comrade Rashid and Emergency Call to Action

rashid_indianaUpdate: Rashid has been placed in longterm disciplinary segregation (solitary confinement) which is reserved for prisoners who have been found guilty and have received a sentence of solidarity confinement of a year or more. In Rashid’s situation given that there is an ongoing investigation, no charges, and no punitive measures have been determined as of yet, he should have been sent to administrative segregation. This was done in retaliation because of who Rashid is and also because he refuses to speak to Investigator Aaron Long who is handling the incident.


Comrades, Friends, and Supporters,

Rashid has just contacted me to tell me that he is currently in disciplinary segregation (the hole) and has been there since shortly after 11 am EST immediately following an incident on the rec yard. Rashid has not been charged and/or found guilty of anything at this point and I have no further details to provide at this time.

Due to his removal from general population it is necessary that he receive his property immediately. Included in this property and of the most importance at this time is his medication. This is life sustaining medication that he takes daily and is classified as K.O.P. which means he is to “keep it on his person”. We are also asking that he receive a mattress to sleep on, his fan, legal property as well as all of his other property.

Because of his outspoken nature, efforts at organizing the prisoner population, and political views, Rashid is always under attack and we cannot count on the pigs at Pendleton to do the right thing. They have withheld property and medication from him before. We are asking that everyone contact Charlene Burkett, the ombudsman there at Pendleton in addition to the other individuals listed below, to ensure that Rashid receives the items referenced above. Please share widely! We appreciate your solidarity and support.

Dare to Struggle Dare to Win!
-Shupavu wa Kirima


Charlene A. Burkett, Ombudsman

Jon Adam Ferguson, Chief Legal Officer
(317)460-6307, mobile
(317)233-8861, office

Dennis Reagle, Warden

Shannon Schott, Admin. Sec. to the Warden

Joseph Walter’s, Deputy Director VADOC
(Proxy for Harold W. Clarke, Director, Department of Corrections as of 11/2018)

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