Agents of Disruption And Deception: Exposing Black Hammer’s Plot To Destroy Revolutionary Leadership And Manipulate The People (2020), by Kevin “Rashid” Johnson, Minister of Defense, New Afrikan Black Panther Party


On May 3, 2020, and in reaction to principled criticisms that I and others made against an erroneous political line publicized by Gazi Kodzo[1], Gazi and his organization Black Hammer (BH) met to discuss and devise a plan code-named Operation Storm of White Tears (OSWT). OSWT is a vile scheme that aims to split revolutionary organizations, play their leaders and members against each other, absorb disaffected members of those organizations into BH, “manufacture” negative false narratives against those organizations and social media groups and positive ones in favor of BH and it’s members, generate and spread dirt against these “enemy” groups, and other devious proposals, all calculated to manufacture and sell a favorable image of BH to the masses, create a cult of personality around Gazi, and “destroy” BH’s perceived enemies, who again are identified as revolutionary and social media groups.

As one comrade stated to me upon reading OSWT, “If Gazi ain’t on the FBI’s payroll, he’s missing out on an opportunity.”

The full text of OSWT is being published along with this article so it can be read in its own words.[2]

OSWT goes far beyond Gazi’s previous unprincipled reactions to and evasions of principled criticisms, to now engaging in blatant counterintelligence, pig-style maneuvering.

The intentions and plans laid out in this document read like something taken directly from the FBI’s COINTELPRO (COunter INTELligence PROgram) files, and it’s directed at the very same type of organizations that have been the principal targets of COINTELPRO operations, namely Panthers and Communist organizations.[3]

OSWT confirms once and for all that Gazi and BH are NOT a revolutionary organization, but a thoroughly reactionary, right-wing group whose pretensions at serving the people is nothing but trickery calculated to “win sympathy” of the people towards Gazi and BH as OSWT admits. There is NO concern to serve and uplift the communities as Gazi falsely portrays to the public.



What’s most problematic about OSWT, is it adopts textbook methods used by the establishment’s political police to destabilize and destroy the very groups that the pigs have historically targeted and continue to target today. In fact, the tactics BH is proposing are among the very same ones used by the FBI in its secret war against domestic revolutionary groups, the original Black Panther Party (BPP) in particular, code-named COINTELPRO. The intended purposes and methods of OSWT and COINTELPRO nearly duplicate each other.

Under OSWT, BH has taken on the role of the political police in its designs against other revolutionary groups. Which is no surprise.

As we’ve previously warned[4], anti-white racial nationalist groups like BH have a legacy of working for and in the interests of the imperialist enemy against revolutionaries here and abroad. The US organization killed Black Panthers Bunchy Carter, and Jon Huggins, the NOI killed Malcolm X, etc. Such elements were instrumental in subverting most of Afrika’s anti-colonial struggles during the last century. In fact, many of those racial nationalists came to rule the nominally ‘liberated’ Afrikan countries as junior partners of the imperialists.



Whether we look at this new scheme hatched under Gazi’s BH leadership, or we examine his historical practice and its blatant inconsistency, or we look at the line of BH, it is glaringly clear that Gazi and the leadership he represents within BH is in no way revolutionary.

Foremost, BH is a group composed largely of young people who have no prior experience within revolutionary groups or study of revolutionary theory, history, or practice. Whereas Gazi, who previously left or was expelled from the African People’s Socialist Party (APSP), where he held a position of leadership,[5] has had extensive training in revolutionary history, organizing and mass work. An advantage he uses against BH members and other politically undeveloped people, to compel their blind obedience and belief that he is a genuine revolutionary leader. This is why he fears and avoids public criticism. Indeed, he cruelly persecutes, ridicules, and expels from BH anyone who dares to criticize him within his organization. Which leaves others fearful of opposing him.

It should be made clear that Gazi’s prior political experience and training does not make him a revolutionary. Actually it makes for a very effective reactionary leader of just the type that Gazi demonstrably is.

In fact, Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini, two of history’s most prominent fascists who portrayed themselves as revolutionaries and socialists[6], were effective at appealing to sections of the working class and doing mass propaganda work, because, LIKE GAZI, they had prior experience and training within leftist groups-Hitler had been a police spy within the German socialist movement and Mussolini had been expelled from the Italian Socialist Party, not unlike Gazi.

Both of them were such effective organizers as a result of their political experience in leftist work, that they absorbed many former socialists and other leftists into their organizations, just as Gazi proposes to do.

And more telling, just like Hitler, Gazi, a rabid anti-Marxist, is a rightist pushing a racial nationalist line under a false cover of Socialism. Remember, Communism was called Socialism until V.I. Lenin broke with the Social Democrats and coined the Communist name to distinguish the revolutionary Marxist line from the revisionism of the Second International.

Gazi’s hustle has been to imitate community service type programs, taken from revolutionary groups like the BPP, and use them, as OSWT reveals, to “win sympathy” and influence over the people. This is why he constantly draws attention to and boasts about BH’s projects which he falsely portrays as programs aimed at saving lives instead of advancing Gazi’s and BH’s own agenda.

Gazi holds many BH members under his unprincipled sway by keeping them politically undeveloped through encouraging vulgar, lumpen, and unprincipled conduct and sensationalism, and dismissing genuine political study, principled conduct, and struggle as over-intellectualizing the struggle.

In organizing the New Afrikan Black Panther Party (NABPP), we have dealt at length with the dangers and errors of vulgar, lumpen conduct within revolutionary work and groups, and the need to remold these tendencies.[7]

Now let’s consider Gazi’s historical practice and its consistency. Today he portrays himself as forcefully anti-white and anti-capitalist.

But just a few years ago he was an eccentric YouTube character who called himself Smiletone and played a clownish minstrel-type role as second fiddle to two white women.[8]

He also glorified the lifestyles and roles of super-rich whites and made clear that fame was his chief aspiration.[9] His constant antics and maneuvers, even expressed now in OSWT, aimed to win him wide acclaim and recognition by promoting his “brand,” and calling himself the “queen of communism” shows his continued desire for fame and attention that have nothing to do with uplifting the masses or communism. As OSWT states, becoming “famous” is the main objective of the BH scam.

Gazi is simply an opportunist of the purest sort, who is milking racial nationalism for all he can to boost his own self-invented, self-promoted image as a revolutionary.

And to demonstrate how he really relates to and treats the people, consider how he abused and humiliated a Black woman who complained to BH after they failed to deliver supplies she was promised were being brought to her.[10]



The devious plots of OSWT, as laid out in three phases which we’ll summarize below, are well underway:


Phase I: Ride the Wave

Phase one states that BH should “manufacture a controversy” by “dropping controversial takes,” which they did when posting their piece, “Black Hammer Launches #2BFrank to Combat Colonizer, White Leftists,” published on May 1st. In fact in OSWT, Gazi’s Anne Frank remarks are specifically identified as among the “hot takes” around which BH would create controversy. They have done this and continue to.

Using this scheme, they aimed to provoke wide public discussion around their remarks for the sole purpose of drawing attention to BH, then they propose to “humanize” themselves by manufacturing sympathetic personal stories about BH members. This is outright mass manipulation.


Phase II: Hook the Masses

In phase two BH states they will induce a broad-based platform to give them an interview. On May 3rd Gazi “challenged” YouTuber Blair White to conduct this interview. White has over 300k followers and over 900k subscribers.

This interview will focus on the controversies manufactured by BH, some instigated by BH engaging in the most “trashy” behavior they can devise. We’ve seen just such trashy behavior in several posts BH has recently made featuring vulgar depictions and references to sexual activities in connection with BH’s political line.

Through such trashy conduct, BH aims to get people talking and asking questions about BH, to gain attention which BH intends to then manipulate into channels sympathetic to the group.

By resorting to trashy behavior, BH expects that genuine revolutionaries will casually dismiss them, while the unpoliticized masses will give BH their “rapt attention.” And through this huge interview BH will win the masses over.


Phase III: Destroy Our Competition

In phase three they devise to isolate revolutionary groups from the masses, pit leaders and members against each other, get other groups’ social media pages shut down, escalate conflict, allege grift against other groups, etc.

These divisive measures have been moving along full steam. BH has consistently targeted the NABPP and United Panther Movement (UPM).

They’ve posted allegations that the NABPP Chairman has misappropriated funds raised from the people, they’ve sent divisive and provocative communications to UPM members, they’ve made repeated insulting posts and comments against leading NABPP members and those of other organizations, they’ve made appeals to UPM members to join BH, and so on.

So we can see BH has been busy carrying out this foul plan.



We call on those honest members of BH to leave that organization and understand that the leadership example of Gazi Kodzo is thoroughly reactionary, commandist, opportunist, dishonest, and counter-revolutionary. Gazi remains a sensationalist actor whose agenda is one of seeking recognition and acclaim. He has taken what he’s learned in prior political organizations and work and is using it to misguide less developed young people, many of whom are likely sincere in wanting to bring real change to our oppressed conditions.

When Gazi left or was expelled from the APSP, he leveled a number of criticisms against its leader Omali Yeshitela for abuse of leadership. What others who also left that group recognize is Gazi has become the very thing he once criticized.

Our struggles need principled, stable, honest, humble leadership that places the interests of the people before their own agendas and is rooted in the correct political and ideological line.

Gazi Kodzo is not that sort of leadership.

Dare to Struggle Dare to Win!
All Power to the People!



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Against “Left” Antisemitism, Fight for Proletarian Internationalism: An Open Letter to Black Hammer from MCP-OC 


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[6] The name of Hitler’s party was itself devised to give the org a false cover of being socialist. Recall that the full name of the Nazi party was National Socialist Party, (or in German, Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter-Partei).

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[8] Gazi aka Smiletone


[10] gkscreenshot

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