On Party Rectification And The Expulsion Of Chui Almasi Aka Arewa Ayaba (aka Khaysi) (2020),  by Kevin “Rashid” Johnson, MOD, NABPP


Kids Marching

Kids Marching


The New African Black Panther Party (NABPP), while operating under the political and ideological line of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, is not a traditional Communist party. The role of the traditional CP is to educate and organize the proletariat especially at the point of production.

Under the changing conditions of imperialism, advances in automation and technology have and continue to push huge numbers of peasants off their land and proletarians out of regular employment, and into large marginalized concentrations of permanently unemployed and lumpen. These groups, which are largely concentrated in and around urbanized centers, have grown to outnumber the traditional proletariat.

The lumpen, (and other marginalized groups who fall under its cultural influences), are a predatory sub-stratum of the proletariat that preys upon all classes, and are particularly susceptible to manipulation by the ruling class into becoming agents of violent reaction against traditional revolutionary forces. There is therefore a need to create revolutionary political leadership to develop these mass concentrations into revolutionary forces.



From our party’s founding we have made the distinction between the worldview of the lumpen and the proletariat, and emphasized the need of the proletarian perspective to lead revolutionary work and struggle.[1]

Reaching and remolding the lumpen and those subject to its cultural influences with the proletarian political line and worldview is the role and function of the NABPP.

In developing the NABPP in this unique role, it is imperative that our members cultivate the most thoroughgoing grasp of revolutionary proletarian ideology. Often this proves a difficult process and we encounter comrades who are resistant to it.

On Feb 16, 2020, the NABPP initiated an internal rectification campaign, aimed at confronting and correcting persistent lumpen tendencies identified within our ranks, and within our leading bodies in particular. The campaign was opened by an unpublished position paper that identified a number of behaviors of party cadre that reflected unremolded lumpen qualities.

Even as the campaign was underway, one leading party member in particular whose conduct was already directly targeted for rectification, stubbornly launched into yet another series of lumpen conduct identified as needing correction. This party member was Chui Almasi aka Arewa Ayaba (aka Khaysi), who is known by other aliases as well. He has maintained Facebook pages under both names and used those platforms to solicit money in the name of the Party.

Consequently, he was demoted from the Central Committee to a deputy position.

This comrade had also been involved in cheating comrades and the people out of money under false pretexts and using unfulfilled promises to repay them, demonstrating lumpen tendencies to hustle and exploit the people.

On the day he was demoted he was confronted with his obligation to repay owed monies, which he defied.

On March 21 a letter was submitted to the CC by a CC member seeking its intervention in compelling Chui to repay $500 under penalty of expulsion, that he’d “borrowed” from the member but refused to repay as promised. He’d also taken several hundred dollars from others that he refused to repay.

In turn, on March 24 he contacted our General Secretary claiming he was resigning from the Party. Two days later he called the GS again with our Chairman on the line, stating he was only kidding about resigning. In response, the GS explained that Chui would still be held to account for violating Party rules, including that he return money he’d borrowed, and be good to his word.

He then called our GS back without the  Chairman on the line and threatened our GS with physical violence. This conduct was intolerable and demonstrated he was not sincere nor interested in remolding his lumpen tendencies, so a hearing was held by the CC on March 29 during which it was decided by unanimous vote to expel him from the NABPP. Upon receiving this verdict he doubled down on his threats against our GS.



It is imperative that we make clear to the masses that we will operate with transparency and accountability, and expose our errors. This individual had a proven tendency to scam people out of money, also to gossip and spread misinformation (factionalize) against others behind their backs in efforts to build allegiances around himself and against others who opposed him, which is among the targeted conduct of our rectification campaign. The people must beware of these tendencies so as not to be manipulated by him, nor misled into believing he continues to act as a member or with the blessings of the NABPP.

No one is above criticism and correction within the NABPP, and we encourage the people to freely express their views concerning our work and comrades’ conduct.


Dare to Struggle Dare to Win!
All Power to the People!



[1] See, Kevin “Rashid” Johnson, “The New African Black Panther Party-Prison Chapter: Our Line” (2005) http://rashidmod.com/?p=286

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