Save Rodney Reed, Stop Yet Another Legal Lynching (2019)

rodney_reedRodney Reed, another innocent Black man, is set to die at the hands of an uncaring criminal (in)justice system.

It’s not a system that doesn’t care because of being broken, but one that doesn’t care about the truth and never did.

It’s only in exceptional cases that generate broad public scrutiny that the system begins to care … but not about the truth and justice. In those situations it begins to care only about its image and only because its legitimacy is then brought into question. But even then often still goes about its usual business of destroying innocent lives, innocent Black life especially, as in the case of Troy Davis.

But we must fight nonetheless to expose the injustices against and save the life of Rodney Reed.

Rodney was blatantly railroaded, convicted and sentenced to die for the 1996 murder of Stacey Stites a 19 year old white woman, before an all-white jury in a small Texas town. A scenario all too reminiscent of the open days of Southern lynching terror.

Since his conviction facts demonstrating his innocence have been brought out, demolishing the state’s case, which the system has worked tirelessly to prevent being scrutinized.

All the experts recanted their prior testimony, several highly regarded forensic pathologists agree that the prosecutor’s theory is impossible, the timeline is wrong, DNA evidence has gone untested and the state has blocked this testing knowing it could instantly demonstrate his innocence.

Worse still, Stacey Stites’ fiancee Jimmy Ferrell, was the original suspect and failed 2 polygraph tests when asked if he’d killed her. But Ferrell who was white and a cop himself was cleared. It’s not complicated math – again, a typical lynching scenario. In fact Ferrell was later convicted of raping a woman while she was in police custody.

Rodney Reed ‘s life is now hanging in the balance in a system that was built on destroying innocent lives. We must fight to save his.

Dare to Struggle Dare to Win!
All Power to the People!


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