Rashid is in Indiana

rashid_indianaKevin “Rashid” Johnson was transferred from Virginia on November 3. He has been in Indiana since; at first at the state Reception Centre, but now at Pendleton. Please take a moment to send our comrade a letter, both to let him know he’s in your thoughts, and also so that the prison authorities understand that we are watching and that Rashid has our support.

Rashid can be written to at:

Kevin Johnson
D.O.C. No. 264847
Pendleton Correctional Facility
4490 W. Reformatory Road
Pendleton, IN 46064

Rashid has let us know that the prison does not allow cards, colored envelopes, including the standard orange manila ones, or colored paper — otherwise it will be refused by the prison. Envelopes must have a name on the return address. All mail is read by the prison authorities, so don’t say anything that could get Rashid hassled, or that you can’t have the prisoncrats reading.

We’ll be sending updates, and new writings from Rashid, as we receive them.


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