Witness Statement to Assault on Jessie Gonzales

I was on E-Pod 201 cell when Lt. Perry got a 5 man team to go in E- Pod-121 A Hispanic offender. Who was on the floor in  blood. Offender in E-Pod 119. Told the officer working on the Pod, that 121 fell. Said officer did come around at count time 11 PM count. Kept on walking. Cross count notice this said offender… Me just listening as other offenders saying what was happening. They ran in jump on top of him. Placed handcuffs on him. Said nurse said he was alright. They closed the cell door. While on 2 row in front of my cell. Said nurse on shift. Asked Lt Perry do you want me to patch him up or not. Lt. Perry told her leave his dumbass here. The other offenders who seen everything. Asked for witness statement. Lt Perry never brought any. Also 1st shift came in, everyone banging. Got them down there. E pod – 121 offender – still had on the handcuffs that Lt. Perry left on him all night. The nurse on 1st shift said he was out, full of blood. This is all I know…

— Arnold A. Villegas 787215


Noted discrepancies: Other witnesses said he wasn’t bleeding until shortly before breakfast after the use of force – not at the time of the 11 PM count. Also that the guards returned 40 minutes or so after the use of force and went back into the cell and removed the handcuffs, that the cuffs weren’t left on all night. The above witness did not directly observe the situation but went mostly off listening to events in the cellblock. He did, however, witness directly the exchange between the nurse – Coronado – and lieutenant Chad Perry which he clarified occurred sometime after the use of force.

— Kevin “Rashid” Johnson


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