Letter from Rashid Two Days After the Attack


Dear ______:

It’s early Friday morning. I’ve been living in a gas-contaminated cell since they assaulted me on Tuesday. This in blatant violation of my constitutional rights. Officials are required to not only decontaminate a prisoner after he’s been exposed to gas but the cell as well. I’ve been left with gassed bedding, walls, etc. I’m including samples of what I’m being made to live with. Pieces of paint from the wall where you can see the gas stains; pieces of my bed sheet which is stained where drenched with gas (the orange shit is gas). I need you to get everyone possible on this. It’s but a continuation of the initial violation where they stole all my things. If you possibly can, make some sort of graphic reproduction of these items so you can show them to others (photograph them digitally, and email copies to all). This shit is outright illegal! This gas doesn’t dissipate either, it has some sort of oil or chemical base that causes it to be reactivated whenever heat and moisture arise I haven’t been able to sleep in a couple days cuz when I try the gas reactivates on my skin. It’s on all the surfaces in the cell, including mattress, sheets, etc. It sticks to everything, not like other gasses I’ve been exposed to in past, this is some toxic shit (smile).

PLEASE GET ON ALL THIS and stir up as much shit as everyone possibly can, on top of the property thing. This adds to show the malice of what they’re doing. I actually requested repeatedly after they gassed me (on audio-video record) to have myself and the cell decontaminated. They refused. I’ve also asked the Major Leeroy Cano the same (talked to him yesterday), medical staff, all ranking officials, etc.

Lemme run. Take good care. P-Love!


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