Declaration of Billy Haynes

On 12-21-2016 at approximately 11 :30 AM, first shift, second card, I seen Capt. Flowers, Lt. Turner, and CO Lennardbilly_haynes, take inmate Johnson to the holding cell off the pod.

Capt. Flowers and Lt. Turner along with Officer Treveno started shaking down Johnson’s cell. Capt. Flowers left, and numerous other officers came to help in the search. They said his property was improperly stored, so they confiscated several bags of property.

My cell – H-2-29 is almost directly across from his H-2-32 therefor, I am able to see and hear most of what transpired.

After the officers took his property they brought Mr Johnson back to his cell. Once he seen all his stuff was taken, he requested for the Lt. to come and talk to him, since it was her – Lt. Turner who was in charge of the cell search. She was in the cell the duration of the search. Officer Lennard requested for ranks assistance as Johnson still had the handcuffs – he was handcuffed behind his back the entire time. Instead of Lt. Turner, Sgt. Waak came to the pod. She made no real effort to resolve the problem, only insisted that Mr. Johnson was a psych patient, and he needed to give up the restraints. Mr Johnson stated several times that he was not refusing to obey an order, he was answering her questions. Mr Johnson stated multiple times on camera, that Sgt. Waak had made threats, and initiated that this was in part due to him drawing heat, filing on TDCJ for the atrocities committed against other inmates while he has been housed on Clements High Security.

Again, Sgt. Waak said Johnson refused to obey a direct order and chemical agent was used. Johnson was gassed without a member of medical staff being present. Shortly after, Johnson gave the restraints, he then requested to have clean linens, for a shower, and for his cell to be decontaminated, all on camera, but nothing was ever done. Johnson was forced to remain in a closed cell, with chemical agents in his cell as well as on his person, for several hours, approx. 7 hours until the shower in the cell came on. He never received fresh linens, and Sgt. Waak’s parting words, was tough shit, not my problem. No other action was taken.

I declare that the above statement is true and correct, under the penalty of perjury.

Billy Haynes #1723231
W.P. Clements High Security


To view a scan of the original statement by Billy Haynes click here.


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