Declaration of Allen Leroy Knight as to the Dec. 21 Assault on Kevin “Rashid” Johnson


Pursuant to Tx Civil Practices and Remedies Code 132.001-003, I, Allen Leroy Knight TDCJ #2019159 currently housed on the Bill Clements High Security in Potter County, Texas, hereby attest under the penalty of perjury that the following is true and correct!

On 12-21-16 I witnessed Capt. Flowers, Sgt Waak and Co. Lenard approach cell #232 on H Pod where Kevin Johnson is housed. They pulled him out of his cell and took him to the holding cell. Several new officers and the above mentioned started packing Mr Johnson’s property into 11 chain bags. I even saw them throw his soap and cups to drink out of away in the trash. I asked Lt Turner what’s going on. She said they were confiscating all of his property because it is illegally stored. I know for a fact that the Law Library had him separate his property for a “legal storage” review. They were supposed to come go through his stuff to show him what he can or can not keep under his extra legal/media storage.

Mr Lenard bought Mr Johnson back to his cell and asked for rank. When Sgt Waak came she ended up having officer Lenard spray him w/ gas after she said they would “kick his ass” etc. … this is the same exact type of stuff they did to inmate Woolverton before they sprayed and killed him. They took inmate Comeaux’s property and threatened him as well and he ended up dead also. I actually fear for my safety and the possibility of not being allowed to go to the “grad” program due to my writing this.

Mr Johnson asked several times starting around 12:30 PM to have his cell decontaminated to have his body and eyes decontaminated and for fresh air. The officers and medical staff were choaking on the run I know Mr Johnson must have been going through terrible trauma.

It’s 6:41 PM and he still sits in his cell and has had no type of medical attention or decontamination process done. He never threatened any one. He placed no body in harms way!


To view a scan of the original declaration by Allen Leroy Knight, click here.


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