Update on Kevin “Rashid” Johnson

rashid-2013-self-portrait1We have good news; according to one of the lawyers who work with Rashid, all of Rashid’s property has been returned and Rashid says that the FDOC officials have backed off, at least for the moment.

As was reported here on May 31, Rashid was gassed multiple times, had his property confiscated, and was confined to a strip cell, in retaliation for him speaking up on behalf of another prisoner who was being abused. This was only the most recent time that such a scenario has played out, as Rashid has been targeted by prison guards in multiple states for his writings and advocacy on behalf of his fellow prisoners.

In this case, for the time being, it seems like things have been resolved in an ok manner. Thank you for everyone who called the prisoncrats! As the same time, we must remain vigilant, as this kind of abusive repression is only too likely to reoccur if we do not.


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